When it comes to reaching your mid-twenties, one of the worst parts is losing the metabolism you complained about when you were eighteen.

In fact, Elise Green recalls a moment she’d lamented about her inability to put on weight, stating to an older colleague that she’d felt unfeminine for not having womanly curves.

As her colleague had stared her dead in the eye and said, in a rather beseeching tone, ‘trust me, you’ll miss that when you’re older’, Elise had simply shaken her head and looked down at her waif-thin body, wishing the day she’d be able to stack it on.

Now, at age 25, her time has come. And yes, her colleague was in fact, very very correct.

Though she wasn’t by any means large for her frame, Elise had slowly started to see the results of late-night snacks and her penchant for fried chicken – all of which, seemed to accumulate in her stomach and her arms, and not at all in her ass.

Rather than go to the gym, Elise has instead attempted some half-hearted ‘diets’, eating reasonably okay during the week and getting smashed on the weekend.

But one thing that Elise has never been able to resist, is the elusive drunken 2 am snack – Maccas, a HSP or some greasy kebabs.

Kebabs that are the direct cause of Elise’s cute little stomach pouch, and not the binge drinking.  At least, that’s Elise’s logic anyway.

“Yeah it’s the snacking that does it”, insists Elise, “definitely not the 4000 calories of alcohol.” 

It’s alleged Elise was able to avoid her late-night snack but was later seen rummaging around the fridge, shoveling slices of cheese into her mouth at an alarmingly fast rate.

More to come.


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