Out of all of Elisha’s procrastination habits, busting blackheads is up there as one of the most disgusting ones.

It’s said the local Betoota Heights woman turned to the blackhead remover whenever she was feeling stressed, or when she had something far more important to do – such as finishing the project she should have handed to her manager a couple of days ago.

However, when tasked with working from home, Elisha finds it virtually impossible to get anything done.

Because like choosing to attend group classes at the gym instead of lone workouts, Elisha requires external motivation to exceed.

In fact, if it was up to her, she’d just sit at home watching YouTube videos all day.

To help spot the delightful pockets of clogged sebum, Elisha takes to her iPhone’s handy flashlight, which is solely reserved for blackhead mining and pimple popping.

Spying a massive one in the centre of her chin, Elisha presses down and is awarded a small pop, enjoying it far more than she’d like to admit.

More to come.


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