In the Johnston home, there are quite a few household items with multiple purposes.

For example, a biscuit tin makes a great storage place for nan’s sewing needles.

And why throw out an empty tub of Neapolitan ice cream, when it makes the perfect bowl for the dog’s water?

And yes, even though mum insists on keeping mason jars despite never finding time to get cracking on those DIY projects, theoretically, those have multiple uses too.

But one item that moonlights as something a little sinister, is none other than the humble family popcorn bowl.

Used at least once a week, the Johnston’s popcorn bowl is a regular occurrence in the lounge room and is even known to house the odd lolly or two when it comes to Halloween.

However, for reasons unknown, the popcorn bowl is also used as the family vomit bowl – because it’s obviously too difficult to grab the mop bucket instead.

Though it’s regularly washed, the fact that the bowl is at least ten years old and covered with numerous scratches doesn’t seem to concern anyone in the slightest.

Nor does the slight crack in the bottom, which is sure to house at least a fragment of the collective household’s regurgitated food.

It’s unknown why anyone hasn’t bothered to buy a dedicated vomit bowl, but here’s hoping the Johnston dishwasher is at least medical grade.

More to come.


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