FROM THE ARCHIVES: Today, The Betoota Advocate remembers a more simpler time in the 24-hour news cycle.

Back in early-June, 2021 (roughly 12 weeks ago) when Scotty From Marketing fled overseas to socialise with Boris Johnson and Joe Biden at global leaders summit that he wasn’t even invited to.

While tens Australians of Australians were stuck overseas, where they remain, the PM was able to get back and forth from the UK in an effort to indulge himself in the real perks of the top job.

Aside from meeting the world leaders who still think his name is Malcolm at the G7 summit, it was eventually reported that Scotty From Marketing took time out of his big important schedule to trace his Cornish ancestry and spend a couple days in a pub where his forefathers apparently came from.

Details of Mr Morrison’s personal activities only emerged when they were reported on an article on local news website Cornwall Live.

Cornish historian, Karen Richards from the town’s History Society told the Cornwall Live reporters that she had been sworn to secrecy over the visit.

“I had known of his visit for about a fortnight, but was unable to tell anyone about it”,

It seems Scotty was clearly trying to hide his holidaying from his constituents – who were stuck at home – with no roadmap out of the pandemic – and a Prime Minister trotting around cute little towns in the UK by himself.

This of course was before literally any of the jabs he had apparently ordered had arrived in Australia, while our country was just waiting for another quarantine leak to shut down our entire economy again.

The discreet getaway, and the Prime Minister’s efforts to stop journalists from writing about it, was reminiscent of the time Scotty’s own media advisors blatantly lied through their teeth to journalists about him not being in Hawaii

The Prime Minister visited St Keverne, where his ancestor William Roberts was born, and laid flowers for him in the churchyard. Laid flowers. For his ancestor that was born hundreds of years ago. In some shithole town at the bottom of England. Very normal behaviour.

He then returned home to face two weeks of isolation in The Lodge, in which time, his Deputy Prime Minister got rolled by Barnaby Joyce and the two biggest capital cities in Australia went into lockdown without him showing his face on one Zoom call. They have remained in lockdown ever since. 8 weeks later.


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