Although primarily serving as a reminder that people have different political opinions to you, Facebook feeds are still providing users with an opportunity to feel like utter shit about themselves.

One such incident took place for project manager Jason John (28) who had his day and dignity compromised by a Facebook advert for a product that claims to treat hair loss.

Although in his late-twenties, John has begun to look a bit thin on top due to a combination of genetics and constant stress regarding his status as a young adult in today’s nose-diving society.

Being constantly reminded of his thinning hair by overhead lighting and mates who are balder than him, John was not able to move past the reminder of his deteriorating hairline that was provided to him by a targeted Facebook ad.

“It only affects 20% of men in their 20s? Fuck, I thought it was more than that,” stated John, staring past his phone and into a lifetime of being like the bald people he was always looked down upon.

“How do I hide this fucking ad?”

“Fuck you Mosh,” he said, as he sighed and clicked in to see what they were offering him.

Putting on a brave face, John then showed up to work and tried to go about his day without the thought that his work colleagues were looking at his hairline, wondering how long it would be before he shaved the lot.

“Should I grow a beard? I don’t know if I want to be a beard bald guy. Maybe tatts? Don’t think I wanna be a tatted bald guy either.”

“Maybe a hat?”

Unable to focus, John was seen leaving work early, mentioning something about buying a razor on the way home.

“Fucking ad.”


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