With lockdown continuing to hit the wedding industry harder than Pinterest DIY wedding tips, another couple raised a glass today in what would have been their wedding day if not for the delta variant. 

As Sydney couple Jean and Ada sat in their apartment on the August weekend that would have been their wedding, they decided to give themselves the home wedding experience by getting drunk and hungry at home.

Despite not being religious, the young couple had decided to tie the knot and spend big on a one-off public declaration of their love on a day where they’d be too busy being fed drinks to eat anything.

“I went up to the shops and bought six bottles of champers and one little bit of smoked salmon,” stated Jean, attempting to stuff himself into a fitted suit that now really hugged his lockdown body.

“We’re even going to video chat with some relatives we haven’t seen in six years, we really want this to be our special day in.” 

Later, Jean phoned his best man, who had likewise gotten drunk at home but unlike the would-be bride and groom had been able to line his gut with the veggie risotto, before giving a woeful best man toast the public was mercifully spared from hearing.


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