There’s some end in sight for the border community of Albury-Wodonga today.

With the state of Melbourne slowly catching up to its northern neighbours, Premier Dan Andrews has revealed the light at the end of the tunnel for some of its regional constituents.

“Once 90% of the population has received their first jabs, we will be removing our troops from the edge of the demilitarized zone on the banks of the Murray,” said Dan Andrews today.

The move comes as a huge relief to the people of the twin cities, who have been unable to go about their daily lives, with heavily armed Victoria military men and women standing guard for the last few months.

The Albury-Wodonga Demilitarized Zone (AWDZ) is the strip of land that runs along the Victorian and NSW border, with the two rival states allowing for a safe buffer zone between them.

It famously made international headlines in late July after a scuffle between two state patrols broke out, resulting in multiple casualties and a peak in diplomatic tensions.

With plenty of people trying to escape across the AWDZ, the moving away of troops serves as welcome news to people who have friends, family and jobs on the other side.

“I can’t wait to get some Cold Rock and Taco Bill,” explained one isolated Wodonga resident.

“Throw open the border Dan.”

We contacted John Barilaro the leader of the NSW Nationals to ask for his comments on the issue, but were asked where Albury was and why we were asking about it.

More to come.


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