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A local Uber driver has kicked off the obligatory conversation that comes with the ride-share app by asking a French Quarter city worker if she actually believed in this shit.

When Daisy Haynes asked the driver what ‘this shit’ was, he just laughed to himself.

“This whole virus thing. I can see you’re wearing a mask. Do you know they do nothing? It’s just another way for the government to test how docile the population is. If they can get people to take an injection and wear a face covering, it’s pretty much Sharia Law, which people in this country have always made a fuss over,”

“So yeah, that’s what ‘this shit’ is, Daisy.”

With seven more minutes left until her destination, Daisy told The Advocate this afternoon that she thought entertaining the driver was the best thing to do.

“Who told you that it’s all bullshit?” she asked.

The driver smiled and turned around as they moved at 80 down Rue de Bjelke.

“There’s this guy who calls himself the Nightwatchman on YouTube and he does all his own research that the media just ignores,” he said.

“How does he do that?”

“Well, Daisy, he’s like the big bad wolf following Hamish and Gretel’s breadcrumbs to the Gingerbread house. He can see through everything and presents me with a balanced view so I don’t have to do my own research.”

They arrived at the Green Street shops and Daisy got out at a red light.

More to come.


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