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State media in our nation’s prosperous West are reporting that Dear Leader Mark McMaoan has punched a deadly coronavirus to death during a fight to the death on the WA’s southern land border.

The fight, which was detailed by People’s Republic of Western Australia [PRWA] Vice Chairman for Propaganda Kerry Stokes in the rogue state’s various newspapers, was said to last only a few seconds before McMaoan was able to deliver a critical blow.

“Today is a glorious day for our West,” said PRWA news presenter Susannah Carr.

“Our Dear Leader has saved us from certain death at the hands of the deadly Cooks River Acute Respiration Virus. The virus attempted to sneak into our strong and defiant nation but Dear Leader was there to stop them,”

“The virus was no match for Dear Leader and with his bare hands, he punched it to death,”

“After saving us all, Dear Leader made sure to sanitise his hands and thank the eternal President of the Republic, Kim Beazley,”

“In other news, A disgraced former Transport Chancellor and State Finance President is set executed today by an anti-aircraft gun at the Bunbury Tenpin Bowling and Family Fun Centre. We go to Sam Davis with the story.”

More to come.


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