A worldly local man of culture has today confirmed his life-long allegiance to the popular Japanese drink -196. 

Similarly to certain dad’s who nail their colours to the mast of a mass produced pale ale after trying it for the first time, Ben Kovacs said it’s all -196 going forward for him. 

Speaking to The Advocate today, the big fella who did a Japan trip a couple of years ago, said the arrival of -196 on Australian shores from the makers of Strong Zero has been a dream come true. 

“It’s all I drank in the land of the Cherry Blossom and trains that run on time,” laughed Kovacs at the Sushi Train in Betoota Heights. 

The man who reckons he can taste the difference between types of wasabis and soy sauces says now that it’s arrived in the form of -196, that’s what he’ll be drinking from now on. 

While insisting our reporter have some ginger to cleanse his pallet ‘as the Japanese do’ between exorbitantly priced plates of sushi, he claimed, “You can’t go wrong. There are 0.3 grams of sugar in the can. I mean if the Japanese drink so much Strong Zero, surely we should take lead.”

“You can’t go wrong with 0.3 grams of sugar in a can,” he explained before urging our reporter to cleanse his pallet with some ginger in between exorbitantly priced plates of sushi.

“122 calories in a can. You’re leaving plenty of room for a late-night kebab there,” he laughed. 

With his girlfriend quietly rolling her eyes while he pontificated about the drink being the peak of Japanese innovation, he continued.

“It’s like crisp Hakuba snow on your tongue. Maybe that’s just the euphoria of holidays talking, but it’s good shit” 

“I just wish I could get them from the petrol station or convenience store,” he laughed, echoing the sentiments of people who’ve travelled ‘the Sun’s Origin’ before. 

“Imagine if they ever get em onto taps in pubs. Schooners of -196 would glorious haha ”

More to come. 


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