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A group of local teachers have decided to pull the wool over the eyes of the principal today and put their combined RATs on the South Betoota Buy Swap Sell page in an effort to raise enough money to buy the classroom supplies they need.

While traditionally classroom supplies were paid for in full by the teacher, some even getting a small amount of support from whatever backwater school they’ve found themselves teaching a 3/4 composite class in.

The former is the case at Frump Road State School in South Betoota, so a number of teachers there spoke candidly but anonymously to The Advocate about how their principal can go suck eggs.

“We wished it didn’t have to come to this but these things are more valuable than AfterPay shares now,” said one.

“We can get $30 or $40 for them out here. The pharmacy hasn’t had supplies for months now and people are scared and desperate. We each got 10 tests the other day so we have like a hundred. So that’s a couple grand worth,”

“Tell you what, my kids will the painting with the finest edicol dyes. Crayola crayons. Clag glue. They might even get name-brand PlayDoh. We will be making face masks from crepe paper. It’ll be like Mardi Gras.”

More to come.


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