All hell has broken loose in a mother’s Facebook group this week, despite it originally being a support network for young mums.

The ‘Mums of Betoota Grove’ group is said to have been kickstarted by local mum Susan Craft, who’d wanted to create a community where women could offer advice and share in the woes of early motherhood. 

But Susan soon saw it spurn out of control, and cites that an innocent post about lunch spawned numerous side chats dedicated to bitching.

She speaks to our reporter Effie about the downfall of the group, and some of the harsh words that were thrown around in some of the mum chats, one of which was named, ‘Bad mums of Betoota.’ 

“One of the mums posted a photo of what she packs her twins for lunch every day”, says Susan.

“It was a pretty extensive prep if I say so myself.”

“You know, cutting food into various shapes, only having sandwiches and fruit.’

“Anyway, all hell broke loose.”

Though she hadn’t been added to any of the side chats herself, Susan shares some of the screenshots she received from various members of the shit chats.

“Well FUCK ME for giving my kids chicken crimpies.”

“Whatever happened to making vegemite sandwiches? Is this a fucking Michelin restaurant lmao.” 

“Looks like she doesn’t have a job???”

“Wish I had the time to colour coordinate food lol. Bet her kid throws half that shit out.”

Adding that this was only one example of mums turning against each other, Susan says she suspects the members are just lashing out due to their own insecurities.

“There’s a lot of pressure on mums, you’re expected to be perfect.”

“People are always offering unwanted advice and making you feel like you’re not doing enough.”

“Unfortunately a lot of this comes from fellow mums. Basically, you have to tread the fine line between being a good mum but not so good that you’re making other mums feel inferior.” 

“Dunno, I just keep my mouth shut now.”

More to come.


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