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The Federal Government has announced new middle class welfare payments to people who don’t really need them in the grand scheme of things.

If you are currently locked down in Sydney or Melbourne, you might be eligible to receive a payment to help you pay for things like food delivery and golf balls.

But if you’re an economic drain on the nation and get payments from Centrelink in any shape or form, then Treasurer Jsoh Frydenberg says you can go and get fucked.

“It’s tough but we don’t want to reward people for not having a go,” Frydenberg told friendly journalists today in Canberra.

“Seriously, we give people on JobSeeker, the DSP, the OAP and Austudy enough already. If anything, they should be getting back into the workforce to help us get out of this pandemic funk,”

“My message to the people who want this disaster payment, go and get a job and then once you’ve pulled yourself up enough by your bootstraps, then we’ll have a chat about you getting money for nothing.”

The Advocate reached out to the Prime Minister’s Office for comment on the payments but were told we could get fucked, too.

More to come.


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