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Beth Arthur has let out an audible sigh and muttered “for fuck’s sake” under her breath this evening, after her husband – who promised to be on his best behaviour – locked eyes with his social kryptonite standing across the room.

Tim, Beth’s husband, immediately ditched Beth and made a bee-line to his best mate, Nathan, who was standing there with three beers in his hands and a glint in his eye that said, “we’re fucken’ on.”

It was at this point, Beth tells The Advocate, that she knew Tim wasn’t going to be sticking to their 9pm curfew and that it almost definitely meant he wasn’t going to make it to breakfast with her mum in the morning.

“I don’t know what it is about Nathan” she sighed.

“But when the two of them get together all sense of responsibility goes out the window”

“The last time the two of them ‘bumped into each other’ Tim didn’t get home until 4:00am”

“On a Wednesday.”

She added shaking her head in disbelief.

It seems that Tim and Nathan bumping into each other is a bit of a trend, and perhaps a little bit more than a coincidence.

The Advocate reached out to Tim to see if their run-ins were by chance, or if they are carefully orchestrated missions so the two grown men could bend.

“Ahaha [sic] Nah, it’s legit”

“I didn’t know Nath was gonna be here”

“But it’s fuckin’ grouse, already told Beth to cancel all our plans”

“She’s off it, but what are you gonna do?”

More to come.


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