Betoota Heights couple Martha and Morris McKenzie have a special relationship, spanning five decades with the combined passion of one. Morris (64), is known amongst his co-workers as never being short of a funny story that features his attempts to unwind while ‘his missus’ (see wife) begs him for assistance to keep the house running.

Critics of Morris state his attitude towards the love of his life is typical of the sexist disdain members of his generation seem to hold for the person they committed to during an era when starting a family could get you out of front-line infantry.

Now Morris’s critics prepare to rethink their opinion as it has been revealed the 64-year-old hold himself in the same esteem as his long-suffering ‘Missus.’

“The Missus actually called me when I was teeing off! Almost missed par because of her!” stated McKenzie.

“But I ended up missing par because I fuck up golf like I fuck up everything. Can’t believe people still want to play with me.”

Family of the McKenzies state that in previous years, their parents back-and-forth jabs at each other were their way of expressing a unique brand of boomer-love but now claim their parents are really saying to their partner what they’re too afraid to say to themselves.

“Haha, the old ball and cock clamp! Nah, she’s really, nah she is…really though at the end of the day…haha. Ha. How’s work?”

More to come.


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