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Opposition leader Anthony Albanese has defended the Labor senators that have been called out this week for bullying Kimberley Kitching.

Members of the Victorian right faction of the Labor Party, such as Bill Shorten, have been critical of Penny Wong, Kristina Kenneally and Katy Gallagher (dubbed the ‘Mean Girls’) over their treatment of Kimberly Kitching and have suggested the added stress of preselection may have contributed to her death.

This morning in Sydney, Mr Albanese hosted a press conference by the banks of the Cooks River in Marrickville, where he addressed the character assassination of his most experience female members.

“I, uh, just, think that the term, ‘Mean Girls, is, uh, quite, uh derogatory to say the very least,” he said.

“We are in the, uh, 21st century. We don’t use that type of, uh, terminology anymore. These are highly qualified, intelligent and, uh, highly capable parliamentarians. They wrote the book on how, to, uh, not let the blokes push you about, I mean, uh, just look at Kristina, the sheer volume of mediocre men, she, uh, crushed to death, politically, I might add, uh, in the New South Wales, uh, state Labor Party is just, so, uh, impressive,”

“These are women, not girls. They are, however, uh, ‘Girl Bosses’ who do not deserve this type of attacks from, uh, partisan media outlets who have vested interests in the Morrison Government, getting back in power. We did not see much press from them, Telegraph cabal, et cetera, uh, when, uh that stupid motherfucker was body-shaming me, uh, actually, I better not say that, uh, I mean when Scott Morrison was saying, uh cruel things about my weight in the press,”

“He’s never had to, uh, rebuild himself from rock bottom and it shows.”

Mr Albanese then made sure the cameras got all his zingers and talking points before continuing on down the river in his $300 Macpac Zephyr Rain Jacket.

More to come.


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