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The age of lockdown may not be over just yet, says one government source, who told The Advocate that in order to combat the absurd cost of living increases felt by all Australians, the Federal Government is toying with the idea of preventing people leaving their home.

It would be a temporary measure, with the initial phase lasting only six weeks until petrol prices come down and the price of meat stabilises.

The second phase would be more complicated, however.

Australians will be segregated by postcode and citizens will not be allowed to travel more than 5km from their home local government area. A policy aimed at preventing lower socio-economic people, who carry COVID and other diseases, to mix with people who’ve had a go in life and gotten one. As a result, they live in a postcode where the second numeral in a zero.

Special provisions will be made for high net worth individuals from regional areas to visit the parts of capital cities where they put fairy lights in the trees and to popular beach towns such as Yamba, Glenelg, Portsea, Noosa, Nightcliff boatramp, Bridport and Gracetown.

The source explained that lockdowns would start to lift in a staggered pattern, where Australians who were able to prove they had to capacity to stimulate the economy would be allowed out to spend money. If they fail to spend enough money, they will be placed back into lockdown.

Those Australians who are not having a go, such as able-bodied people on government benefits, could be in lockdown indefinitely.

State police agencies will be deployed to enforce the proposed lockdowns. Australians caught breaking lockdown will be handed over to the massive cops who where those boiler suits to be flogged and dumped in a nearby park.

More information will be made available as it arrives here at The Advocate.

More to come.


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