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A French Quarter man who was once suspected of blowing up a Diamantina Credit Union branch office has told The Advocate this morning that he’s become the one thing he thought he never would be.

“That could’ve been me who punched that police horse down in Sydney,” he said.

Some in our cosmopolitan desert community who know Damien Wroot would be surprised to know that the now-37-year-old is a Bugaboo-pushing yuppie sell out.

“You know, I always thought I’d either die in prison or be killed by a secret police force or some description. I know Peter Beattie was looking to have me rubbed out and put in the foundations of the Brisbane Airport expansion. But that’s a story for another time,”

“This pram is called a Bugaboo Fox. It cost two-thousand dollars. More than my first, second and third car combined. For years and years, the biggest purchase I ever made was a plane ticket to the Ukraine to study and learn certain things,”

“You know that’s even worse? This jacket is a Baracuta G9. It cost $600.”

When asked by our reporter what he does from a living now, Damien sighed again.

“I’m a data scientist,”

“So I did computing and pure mathematics the at South Betoota Polytech Anne Penfold Street School Of Mathematics. All I ever wanted out of that was to essentially be a black-hat hacker. Anyway, that obviously didn’t work out,”

“That could’ve been me in that Ecuadorian embassy in London,”

“Instead, I’m living in a renovated 4-story terrace on Rue de Gros Bouledogue Français.”

More to come.


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