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The Federal Government has suggested this morning that the latest outbreak of the Pangolin’s Wrath in Melbourne is because the Victorianese people (and people who identify as ethnically Victorian) don’t usually wash their hands in their culture.

That was in response to questions from reporters this morning in Canberra that put it to Scott Morrison and Michael McCormack that this latest outbreak was the net result of failings from Federal Government.

“I think I’ll let the Deputy Prime Minister handle this one,” said the PM.

Michael cleared his through.

“You know, I’m from the Riverina where a lot of people identify as being ethnically Victorian,” he said.

“And growing up there, you could always tell who was a New South Welshman and who was Victorian. The Victorianese people don’t wash their hands. People in New South Wales do. It’s as plain as that,”

“This plague spreads via air and contact with hard surfaces. You do the math.”

When asked by another reporter if they had any evidence of that, the Prime Minister said they did.

“Oh, I think it’s a well-known fact. That’s proof enough for me,” he said.

“Just put two and two together. Victoria has really let the national team down repeatedly. Melbourne especially. If it wasn’t for Victoria, we would’ve done as good as New Zealand,”

“So I think we’ll just leave it at that. It makes sense.”

More to come.


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