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Sifting through his underwear drawer, local bloke Lucas Dooley feels a sense of impending doom.

He should have done a load of washing a couple of weeks ago, but so far he’s been able to get away with wearing his usual jean cutoffs, and by rotating several striped tees.

All of which pairs perfectly with the only shoes he owns – a pair of Mykonos style woven leather Mules.

But unfortunately, after purchasing numerous packs of Kmart undies in an effort to stave off washing, Lucas has finally run out of any clean pairs.

And if the laundry sniff test is anything to go by, he probably shouldn’t try wearing an old pair in the off chance he gets lucky.

Which he won’t, but you never know.

All that’s left in his underwear drawer now is a pair of old, stretched jocks that’s a little too loose around the ball region for his liking.

A pair he’d completely forgotten existed until he’d pulled his entire underwear drawer trying to find a pair that won’t fall down to his ankles every time he goes for a piss.

Tossing up between freeballing it or turning an old pair inside out, Lucas sucks it up and chooses the B grade underwear, knowing full well he’ll be pulling at his jean shorts all day.

More to come.


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