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Darren Lehmann, the former coach of the Australian Men’s Cricket Team, has hinted at a possible next career move by telling reporters that he plans to move to Jamaica and wait for the opportunity to coach their national bobsled team.

In a selfless act of redemption, the barnstorming South Australian said he’s looking forward to being tapped on the shoulder when the four-man bobsled training resumes on the Caribbean island next year.

“I’ve got Beijing 2022 in my sights,” said Lehmann at a Cape Town press conference.

“Right now, moving to relative obscurity in Jamaica is probably the best thing I can do. I plan to float around for a while, maybe shoot the shit with a few mates I’ve got there, then find a nice bar and wait for a group of sprinters to ask me to coach them in the bobsled,”

“I’ve seen it done before and the island lifestyle suits me. It’s either that or move back to Adelaide. Moving to Kangaroo Island isn’t that appealing unless you like shooting feral cats and seafood. No, Jamaica is calling my name.”

Supporting the move, Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland followed Boof at the press conference by bidding the 48-year-old bon voyage and good luck in his future endeavours as a bobsled coach.

Sutherland prefaced his statement by agreeing with a number of journalists in saying it was ‘bizarre’ and ‘odd’ that Lehmann has turned to coaching a winter Olympic sport – but he remains supportive none the less.

“I think it’d be good for him to have some time off,” he said.

“Have a few cocktails, do some snorkelling. I wasn’t aware Darren had expertise in bobsled. Perhaps he could’ve been put to better use coaching the Australian team,”

“Anyway, Australia is losing a great cricketing and bobsledding mind and we here at Cricket Australia hope it turns out well for him.”

The Advocate reached out the Players’ Association for comment but have yet to receive a replay.

More to come.


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