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The Victorian Premier has seen what taking an elimination policy has done for other state leaders around the country and he says that he’s not prepared to be the only one left without a seat when the music stops.

Speaking to reporters today in Melbourne, Daniel Andrews explained that the elimination policy is very popular with voters from all walks of life and has seen the likes of Chairman Mark McGowan and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk be returned to power in a resounding fashion.

“I’m not about to miss out on that,” said Andrews.

“We have a state election next year in Victoria and I’m going to win it. I’m not going to win it by letting the Sydney Sneeze wash over us all like some sort of disease doona. No, I’m going to do my bit to keep Victorians safe,”

“Because keeping people safe from this terrible Sydney-variant is paramount to everything,”

“While it is hard for people in border communities, they don’t vote for me so my heart goes out to them. Especially the people just over the border in New South Wales. In places like Mildura, Pinaroo, and Wentworth. You will be allowed back to Victoria, soon. I remember when I was a kid, we used to cross the border into New South Wales and visit all the shops in Mildura. Did you know there’s still a Fasta Pasta there? Oh, mems! [sic] We just have to make sure there’s no Sydney Sneeze out there,”

“So you can hear it from the horse’s mouth. Elimination until election. Why do you think we’ve been begging you all to get vaccinated? So we can continue to lockout New South Wales, our largest domestic trading partner, forever? [laughs] Yeah, we live in the real world down in Victoria.”

More to come.


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