British author JK Rowling has been dealt a devastating blow today, after the world’s Year 4 students revealed they are boycotting her Harry Potter series.

The surprising move comes as #RIPJKRowling trends on Twitter, with various twitter accounts declaring Rowling’s career dead, apparently.

The latest controversy surrounding the author who got a generation of children to read in an ever digital world, is in regards to her new book, Troubled Blood, which features a male serial killer who dresses in women’s clothes.

Her new book follows a fair few pretty crook comments about transgender people over the last few years.

Now, the scandal is deepening with hordes of young children putting down her Harry Potter books in solidarity with the twitter accounts baying for blood.

“I started reading, and the book was really cool,” explained 8-year-old Betoota Ponds Public student Kayde Wilson.

“But now I’ve seen what’s happening on the Twittersphere, I’m done with it.”

“No more Harry Potter for me.”

“JK Rowling should never be allowed to write another thing again because she said something that people on Twitter disagree with,” said Wilson.

“It’s completely ruined the Philosopher’s Stone for me,” sighed Wilson, chucking the book in the bin.

“Oh well, back to Fortnite.”


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