American police are urging anyone with information surrounding why their country keeps descending into riots every couple months to immediately contact them.

This comes as the Black Lives Matters demonstrations begin kick back up across the United States, three months after the police murder of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Protesters have poured into the Wisconsin city of Kenosha after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, another Black father, who was partially paralysed after a white officer fired at him in front of his children.

These demonstrations have only escalated over the last 24 hours, with violent scenes breaking out as protestors scuffled with a group of vigilantes who seemed very eager to use their automatic firearms on black people.

The authorities are now investigating whether a white teenager who was arrested on Wednesday, identified as Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was part of a vigilante group that shot and killed two protestors in the name of Making America Great Again.

The young man was filmed freely walking past several police cars with a loaded AR-15 and no apparent gun safety training. His alleged involvement in the murder of protestors and the police officer’s reluctance to actually arrest him, has only drawn further criticisms of the institutional racism within American police departments.

Several NBA teams are now opting not to play on Wednesday, in a world first for the sports, as a way to protest racial inequality in the United States.

The basketballers say their strikes is specifically pertains to police brutality. Black Americans are killed at a rate that’s twice as high as white Americans despite accounting for less than 13 percent of the population, according to The Washington Post’s police shootings database.

American police are yet to correlate these numbers with the fact that society continually breaks out into severe civil unrest every couple of months.

Law enforcement officials and politicians are more inclined to blame the collapse of American society on the ‘opportunism’ of protestors, as opposed to the physiological reactions known as fear and anger – which tends to spike within oppressed communities whenever they seen innocent fathers being murdered because they are of a certain race.

Police say they will continue to investigate this bizarre trend, but urge for citizens with any information to come forward and explain why these protests keep happening, without pointing the finger at the police of course.



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