As the global pandemic rolls on, up to 25,000 Australians are still reportedly trapped overseas, with no clear path to return home.

Since international borders shut in March, thousands of Australians have understandably been unable to return home, prompting calls for the nation to up it’s quarantining capacity before Christmas.

With that causing a bit of attempted political point-scoring between federal and state politicians who are trying to shift the blame onto the other, it can be confirmed that one mate currently living in London isn’t really ‘stranded’ so to speak.

That comes after Erin Crowe enjoyed what might be her 4th (?) jet setting weekend away in the last six weeks, treating her mates to a vast array of not very socially distant Insta stories.

“Fuck, she’s still having a far better time than most of the country,” sighed one of her mates over her 2nd homemade long black of the day.

“They just don’t give a fuck over there it looks like.”

“Deadest, it looks as though she’s having a full-blown European summer.”

“I don’t exactly feel sorry for her as a ‘stranded’ Aussie.”


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