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Fabled author JK Rowling has criticised the new Trans Tasman bubble this afternoon just hours after it was announced, telling her Twitter followers that it’s not a real, biological bubble.

“There are bubbles that occur naturally in nature and then there are bubbles that are manufactured and I think these new bubbles created by man pose a threat to the biological bubbles and occupy space that should not be taken up by bubbles that aren’t able to function in the same manner in which a biological bubble do,” she tweeted unabridged.

“And in the Tasman Sea, a new bubble has been brought to life by two governments, one the best in the world, the other not so much. Not saying which is which because I don’t want to get political on this platform,”

“I think it’s wrong.”

As it’s 5pm on Easter Tuesday, no other politician was available for comment besides the Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, who told our newspaper via telephone he didn’t want to talk about “this bubble”.

Bob sighed three times and audibly shook his head when our reporter asked I’m if he agrees with the popular assessment that the British author is a TERF.

“Good grief, don’t you want me to tell you how the Cowboys can still win the premiership?” said Bob.

“Because it starts in the centres and then you build the team around that. Props, last. You can train a pigeon to be a rugby league prop. I wouldn’t have any pigeons in my team, no size. A seagull? Perhaps. No pelicans. Short attention span,”

“Do you want me to continue?”

Our reporter indicated that they did.

More to come.


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