The almost scripted horror coming out of Hollywood this week has proven to be too dramatic to simply not turn into a movie, studio executives have today confirmed production is nearly underway for an upcoming horror-thriller titled ‘Weinstein’.

The story will be based on the life and times of “The Most Powerful Man In Hollywood” Harvey Weinstein – and the scandal that has has exploded dramatically following a series of explosive allegations of rape and a secret recording allegedly capturing Weinstein trying to lure a model to his room.

While also the subject of this upcoming film, Harvey Weinstein has also been announced the lead investor in the project, after having read the screenplay while in hiding from the press in his West Village townhouse earlier this week.

TMZ report that while Harvey Weinstein is still very much under siege from the growing accusations of sexual harassment and sexual abuse, he could not turn down the chance to produce a cameo-laden film about a sick individual who abuses his elite status in Hollywood to prey on vulnerable women.

The script, which has been written by series of female actresses and models who were coerced into inappropriate sexual contact with the movie mogul, is set to follow each and every reported incident that involves Harvey Weinstein sexually intimidating aspiring female stars.

As more and more women come forward this week, It is believed that Weinstein is considering converting the film into a three-part series that delves into a deeply entrenched culture of sexual harassment in which actresses and other women working with him were targets of his unwanted advances.

Filming will begin next month, it is unknown which kind of overweight and seedy looking Hollywood star will play the role of Weinstein.






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