To some, it seems as if you can’t say anything these days whether it’s about politics, sport, or women without fear of being ‘cancelled.’ 

In case your eyes and ears stopped working in 2017, ‘getting cancelled’ is a symptom of ‘cancel culture’ where ordinary people are punished with a public shunning in the form of a coordinated withdrawal of support, all just for saying a slur or violating someone’s safety.

Notable early victims of Cancel Culture include Kevin Spacey, Louis CK & Harvey Weinstein, who all lost high paying media jobs just because they abused their power and position to sexually assault people.

Since the original unholy trinity were publicly cancelled, cancel culture seems to be coming for everyone as people flock to the sort of activism where you don’t have to really do anything except a little bit of online bullying.

Christians however will note that the unholy trinity were not the first to be cancelled, citing their own Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, as the first victim of cancel culture.

“He had a different opinion to the norm, but unlike billionaire transphobic authors, he wasn’t unfollowed, he was crucified,” stated local Christian Mick Hurst.

“This was before Twitter mind you so 12 followers was actually pretty good for back then.” 

A hobbyist theologian, Hurst produced many samples of ancient texts which show how quickly the narrative switched away from ‘Jesus is King’ to ‘Ew, Jesus is [bin emoji] now guys, gross.’

“If anything I think getting cancelled helped spread the message. It’s been 2000 years but people who don’t think slavery is a bad thing will always support you when you get cancelled.” 

According to Hurst, even with nearly 2000 years following his death, Christ’s problems with being cancelled are far from over.

“Wait until they find out Jesus has been doing white-face in almost every Western church for the last 2000 years.”


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