The scenes of wildfire devastation and apocalyptic smoke coming out of America may appear familiar to Australians, many of whom are still recovering for the ‘Black Summer’ bushfires that destroyed close to ten percent of the bushland across the nation’s eastern seaboard through December and January.

American firefighters are currently overwhelmed by a furious climate-change aided wildfire season, with hundreds of towns evacuated and citizens urged to please refrain from shooting the wildlife roaming the streets after their habitats were destroyed.

As of last count, there are currently 8,718 fires raging across California, Oregon and Washington state, over 50 people have lost their lives, and nearly 10,000 buildings have been destroyed.

This cataclysmic environmental disaster has been taking place for well over a month now, and may or may not have a lot to do with the fact that California recorded its hottest day on record several weeks ago.

While Donald Trump has been quick to write off Climate Change as something that his radical left wing establishment democrat presidential rival Joe Biden invented to enslave the American people, the political class of Australia are once again trotting out their same cognitively dismissive rhetoric.

The former Nationals leader and one-time deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce has somehow once again managed to blame the Australian Greens for this natural disaster.

Over Summer, Joyce was vocal in criticising the ‘green-tape’ he believes inhibited the ability of firefighters to hazard reduction burn prior to last season’s bushfires.

Joyce once again trotted out his theory that fuel was allowed to build up in bushland because environmental groups were making it difficult for firefighters to conduct annual burn-offs in the same way the Indigenous people, which our government very much respects and listens to, did.

Joyce, once again, told Sunrise this morning: “I believe, and this is my opinion, there are too many caveats that have been placed on people, let’s call them ‘green caveats’, that impede people’s capacities to fight fires.”

“Let’s be clear. The climate is always changing” he said.

“Every single year we have the hottest day ever recorded”

“So it’s always changing”

“Just because it’s really hot and dry, while there are also four tropical cyclones currently destroying the Southern states, doesn’t mean we should do anything about our unsustainable fossil fuel consumption”

It is still unclear how The Member For New England has been able to point the finger towards the Australian Greens for something that is happening on the other side of the planet, but he has suggested that maybe, they have infiltrated thousands of county, state and Federal park ranger agencies across all 50 states.

“I mean, this is just my opinion personally, the Australian Greens party, with their 3 or 4 Federal Senators and one lower house MP, have a lot of blood on their hands over what is happening in America”

President Donald Trump was approached for comment, but his office assured us that he had no idea who Barnaby Joyce or the Australian Greens were.

Deputy Australian Prime Minister Michael McCormack says he disagrees with Barnaby Joyce’s theory, and is of the belief that the American bushfires were caused by Melbourne’s Black Lives Matter protestors.



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