As they snuggle up on the couch for a night in, inner-city couple Troy and Susan Davies prepare themselves for a solid 45 minutes of channel surfing.

It’s alleged the newlyweds had officially leaned into their 30s by swapping pub crawls for movie nights and spending their Sunday’s furniture shopping at West Elm – which they could finally afford, now that they’d both worked their way up into managerial positions.

And though having weekends devoid of hangovers and friendship dramas is a welcome reprieve for the couple, they find themselves in a continual vortex of decision fatigue on what to watch and what to eat. Especially as they’ve subscribed to virtually every streaming service available, including Disney +, Amazon Prime and even Binge.

“What about Tenet?”

“Nah, I don’t want to have to think.”

“Comedy then? What about Bad Neighbours?”

“I’ve seen it too many times.”

“Thunder Force?”

“Apparently it’s shit.”

“Booksmart? Apparently, it’s pretty good.”

“I don’t recognise any of the actors though?”

“I don’t see YOU suggesting anything? Go on then!”

It’s reported that the heated exchange had gone on for another ten minutes, as both parties took turns swiping the remote control away and attempting to find the right movie. Despite paying roughly $70 a month for several streaming options, the picky pair were unable to find a movie they could both agree on and ended up opting for a $7.99 rental instead.

More to come.


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