The ABC has today revealed that the coveted role of Triple J music director will be filled by the 62-year-old Tony Jones, while Richard Kingsmill takes his 80 weeks of accumulated long service leave in the Mudgee wine region.

Kingsmill’s sabbatical times well with public calls for a more diverse panel of content curators on the youth broadcaster, in a push to involve input from people that aren’t white 30-40 somethings that live in Surry Hills.

“We are hoping to work towards a frequent rotation of hip hop music that isn’t Post Malone” says ABC’s managing director, Michelle Guthrie.

“In fact, hopefully we can base our playlists off music trends that exist outside of our own in-staff Whatsapp groups. I believe Youtube is a fair indicator, or even a conversation with a young person”

“Did you know Beyonce had a sister. My niece showed me some of her music the other night. It’s quite good”

Guthrie says she believes that by filling the role of Triple J music director to the Q&A host Tony Jones, the public broadcaster is essentially killing two birds with one stone.

“One, we get to keep Tony occupied from Tuesday to Friday, and two, we get to take a break from the Frenzal Rhomb-era music curation”

“Maybe we can play some of the ASAP Mob, or even the most succesful homegrown musician in the country, MC Kerser.”

“Skepta? Jorja Smith”

“These are just some names I’ve heard during community liaison programs with people from the other side of the Anzac Bridge”

“I think Tony might be up to the job. He’s a completely different demographic, he lives in Parramatta”

It is not yet known if the temporary shake up with result in people that aren’t Tash Sultana being played on triple J, with Australians who don’t ironically wear Midnight Oil shirts left wondering why 5-time Grammy nominated American musician SZA has only had six plays this year despite a sold out Australian tour over the summer.



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