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The nation’s other public broadcaster has made the editorial decision today to label displaying any sort of respect toward women in general is a left-wing, and therefore, inferior cause.

Sky News’ parent company, News Corp, has received millions and millions of dollars worth of grants, tax concessions and thinly-veiled bailouts and in return, the Australian taxpayer retains a controlling majority of the company.

Nevertheless, today’s decision by the director of content at Sky has been criticised by several media commentators and everybody people who make up the Australian public at large.

The content director, Steven Mark John, said by making this issue of women’s rights a political one, they can generate large amounts of revenue from it.

“Which is ironic,” laughed John in a telephone interview this afternoon with our reporter.

“Because this company has been forever teetering on the brink of receivership until the government swoops in and writes a cheque out for us. No, you see the problem is with this whole march thing is it’s been politicised past the point of no return. You know? When specific political parties attach themselves to a non-political issue, it becomes political. You do follow?”

“Of course you follow, you’re a bloke who loves sport! [laughs] No but you see what I’m getting at? The Left likes to find things like this women’s rights business and use it to their political advantage, where we on the Right like to look at things from a more analytical lens and ask questions. Like why do women act like this? What is their motive for doing these marches? What did men do to deserve this type of behaviour and disrespect? Questions that need to be answered,”

“So in lieu of actually finding out what those answers are, we just blindly occupy the other end of the spectrum and use it to generate website traffic, television viewers and newspaper sales. It’s as simple as that.”

More to come.


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