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Prime minister Scott Morrison is alleged to have sifted through his bottom drawer for his copy of The Game, in a last ditch effort to raise his ratings and win back the women’s vote.

It’s alleged Scott had picked up the book roughly fifteen years ago per the suggestion of one of his good mates, who’d touted it as the ultimate pick up bible for tricking women into liking you.

Published in 2005, The Game is a how to guide to picking up women, written by former Rolling Stone editor turned seduction short king Neil ‘Style’ Strauss. Alleging that any man can pull a ‘10’ should they know the proper techniques, Style was somewhat of the original Barney Stinson – though less well tailored suits and more outlandish outfits.

Though the book does have some good tips on developing self confidence, many have cited it as a pretty misogynistic read, given the amount of dark psychology used to trick women into feeling insecure or the constant descriptions of women using numbers on the hotness scale. 

Despite the author almost reaching the conclusion that hey, women really are attracted to confidence and wit, he’s instead settled for parlour tricks such as ‘peacocking’ i.e dressing like the Wish version of Criss Angel, and ‘negging’ – giving backhanded compliments to the chosen target, such as highlighting a perceived facial flaw.

Add to that some good old fashioned exposure therapy by siccing wannabe pickup artists onto unsuspecting women, and it’s evident to see why the movement was considered pretty controversial. Though as usual, Scotty has not an ounce of social perception.

Flicking through the pages and stopping to reread a couple that had been ferociously dog eared, Scott was seen jotting down a few notes, including directions to his nearest costume shop, so he could pick up a fluffy hat and a pack of cards.

More to come.


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