Producers of Channel Seven’s Sunrise breakfast program say that they will boldly continue discussing complex issues related to some of Australia’s most traumatic assimilation policies with unqualified guest commentators, despite public demand to stop.

This comes after their follow-up segment regarding Aboriginal foster care and adoption programs this morning, with two public figures that are arguably even more obscure then yesterday’s guests.

Sunrise sparked intense backlash and some really measurable social media traction yesterday, after a random old bird suggested Indigenous children should be taken from their families “just like the first Stolen Generation”.

Today, producers say they looked far and wide to find the two whitest people in Australia to offer their two cents without any research or discussion with blackfellas.

Opting to invite former AFL star turned Gold Coast party boy Warwick Capper, as well as late night TV host and Dr Who enthusiast, Rove McManus.

“I don’t know why you are asking me these questions” said Capper.

“I’m not really equipped… What’s the best answer for me to give? You want a bit of drama? I can do drama”

The initial outrage yesterday came from comments made on the ‘Hot Topics’ segment. Samantha Armytage kicked off the discussion by bringing viewers up to speed on assistant minister for children David Gillespie calling for non-Indigenous families to adopt at-risk Aboriginal children.

The Sunrise coh-host was quick to ask controversial commentator/wine dot Prue MacSween and Brisbane soccer journalist Ben Davis what they thought.

“It’s a no-brainer” said Sunrise commentator Prue MacSween who made it clear she was firmly in the ‘white people are better parents’ camp.

MacSween made headlines last year after she said she was “tempted to run over” former ABC host Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

Today, Rove made it clear that he wasn’t sure if he was really knowledgable enough to discuss cross-cultural adoption programs in a live, pre-weather segment, but asked the audience to say hi to his mum for him.


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