Across the nation, Asian and non-Asian Australians alike are celebrating the 2022 Lunar New Year (LNY) which is the year of the Tiger and most certainly not the year of the RAT.

The 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese Zodiac considers those born in the Year of the Tiger (1986, 1998, 2010) to be brave, competitive and confident.

However, there is very little known about those born in the year of the RAT as although they are all anyone is talking about right now, retailers and shoppers alike are still not sure where you find the damn things.

“We are glad 2020 was the most recent zodiac year of the Rat,” stated Betoota LNY event host Harry Jun.

“It would have been a bit bloody ironic if it was this year.”

Jun then stated that he would have preferred if attendees of his LNY event could do a Rapid Antigen Test before attending but agreed it would be easier to find a live rat riding on an ox’s back than finding an actual Rapid Antigen Test.

“Cheaper too.”

We reached out to the Prime Minister’s office for a comment on the RAT shortages but in response only received a message that wished people a ‘Joyous Lunar New Year’ and a brief sentence about how much he liked the first episode of ‘The Squid Games.’


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