Protestors at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.

24 October, 2014. 11:01 am

Clancy Overell | Editor-at-Large | [email protected]



ACTIVISTS and protesters planning to make a scene at this years G20 Summit in Brisbane have been issued a warning today by Premier Campbell Newman:

“If you want to carry on, expect to be in the crosshairs… and we won’t be using rubber bullets,”

Training exercises have been underway in the city’s south for several months now and It is understood the Brisbane region can expect an extra 5000 extra police to ensure law and order as the world’s focus turns to the Queensland capital.

Police have also been told to expect at least 5000 arrests as protesters descend on the city, but today Newman warns that protestors have more to worry about than being put in handcuffs and arrested under new terrorism laws.

“We will not be embarrassed like we were during the 1982 Commonwealth games…. Those unwashed protestors made us look like a backwater colony in front of the Queen. This will not happen again,”

Protestors at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.
Protestors at the 1982 Commonwealth Games in Brisbane.


University of Queensland Arts student and part-time barista, Nic Amorossi says protestors have not flinched:

“Genocide 20 is our opportunity to create change in this world. We will be doing this whether Campbell is sending live rounds our way or not”

The boost in security is a result of an ASIO phone-tap that revealed many protesters were were planning to cause mayhem by destroying ATMs and disrupting social events.

Thousands of 2.4 metre-high metal barriers with see-through perspex tops will be linked together to form protective walls around venues and accommodation.

It is anticipated these barriers will be erected from November 1 around the official G20 venue, the Brisbane Convention Centre.

The November 15-16 summit will bring 4000 delegates and 3000 members of the media into Brisbane.

Campbell Newman acknowledges he has little to do with the actual summit but is intent on making sure he is remembered as an accommodating host.

“It’s like when you have guests at your house. If your kids start misbehaving then you discipline them,”

“Only this time it will be with a high-powered sniper bullet to the brain, instead of a rubber hose to the back of the legs.”


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