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Baby Boomers, the biggest social and economic barriers to this nation’s recovery from its first recession in 30 years, have been urged by the Prime Minister this morning to thank the young people in their lives for the sacrifices they’ve made in protecting them from the super flu.

So far, the Australian Government has spent over $300bn to stop Howard’s Battlers from getting coronavirus and dying.

“That money is borrowed,” said Scott Morrison in Question Time this morning.

“It’s borrowed from future Australians, who are going to spend their entire professional lives working in austerity. They will have a substantially lower quality of life than their parents. They will be poorer but better educated. For most of them, the largest asset they’ll ever own is a low kilometre BF Falcon,”

“So, to all the Baby Boomers around the country, I ask you to begin thanking young people for their service to the nation. Thank them for working to protect your wealth and future. People leaving school and university right now are going to be hit the hardest. I want you to wash their feet. Kiss them. Put your son’s toes in your mouth.”

The Speaker of the House then asked the Member for Cook to resume his seat.

More to come.


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