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Though BOM did warn that hot girl summer was likely to be postponed this year, one woman has seized any opportunity she can to show a little skin, if only to retire the dishevelled looking cardigan she’d worn practically every day for three weeks.

Like pretty much everyone else across New South Wales and Queensland, Alex Hawke [24] had grown tired of endless rainy days, especially as she’d gone through approximately $50 worth of cheap umbrellas, and sacrificed her favourite hat to mould. Not to mention the poor state of her sandals, which she’d unwisely worn on a few occasions.

But now there appears to be a little bit of hope, as evident by the small cracks of sunlight streaking across the sky this morning. And though this is a far cry from the blistering summers she was used to, it was better than nothing – even if her now acclimatised skin is likely to bust out in some goose pimples.

It’s unlikely Alex can even take advantage of the small reprieve from flash flooding, considering she has a hospo shift today, but at least it gives her something to fantasise about on her bus ride to work.


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