A new mum has unwittingly committed a huge social faux pas, after casually announcing she plans to skip sleep training, it’s reported.

Natalie Pryor [28] had allegedly been feeling a bit down in the dumps, as she’d quickly discovered being a new mum was fraught with loneliness, boredom and a lot of unwanted advice from family members.

In an effort to find some much needed support from anyone other than her increasingly absent husband, Natalie had turned to a mummies group on Facebook, the ‘Betoota Heights Mum’s Lounge.’

However, what had started as a seemingly supportive community quickly devolved into a high school level of cattiness when Natalie commented on a sleep training post. Natalie tells our reporter it’d all seemed quite innocent at first –  citing the number of post partum hair loss memes as a ‘welcome reprieve’ from staring enviously at her friend’s full head of hair – but that it’d quickly turned toxic once the conversation veered to child raising tactics.

“I thought it was a safe space”, says Natalie, looking visibly shaken, “everyone seemed so supportive.”

“All I said was that sleep training wasn’t for me. I didn’t say it was bad or anything.”

Natalie says her comment quickly incurred the wrath of every mum in the group, who all took it quite personally for some reason.

“I had multiple dms saying I should just jump off a bridge”, says Natalie, “they were fucking relentless.”

“One mum said I was too soft and my child is going to grow up as a serial killer.”

“I’ve never met such cruel people in my life.” 

“I’m glad I didn’t mention I was choosing to bottle feed.”

“They probably would have booted me.”

More to come.


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