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New South Wales is open for business.

That’s the message from the government down there as they laugh in the face of another Victorian-style panic lockdown after a further ten cases of the pangolin’s wrath emerges in Sydney.

“Lockdown schmockdown!” laughed Treasurer Dom Perrottet.

“We’ll die like old Poms before we go back to that. My advice is get any jab you can get your hands on because with the way the Federal Government is secretly planning to privatise healthcare in this country. If you don’t die from this super flu then the fucking medical bills will make you wish you had,”

“Get with the programme or get dead. New South Wales is putting the foot to the floor.”

Mr Perrottet’s sentiments were mildly echoed by Premier Gladys Berejiklian this afternoon in Sydney.

“Well, I wouldn’t put it like that but the idea is there. I mean, my government doesn’t want anybody to die but you know, you’ve been given ever chance to get a jab. If you don’t have one when we swing the gates next year, good luck to you,” she said.

“My government won’t ruin your business with arbitrary lock-downs. We won’t be a pack of meek passive aggressive sooks when it comes to dealing with the Federal Government like other state government have been. I reckon I could fight and possibly kill every other state leader in this country.”

More to come.


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