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The Nationals who knifed former leader Michael McCormack in the back have broken their silence this morning, telling the media that getting any cut-through as a leader has a net positive result.

“We just weren’t getting any media coverage with Michael [McCormack] because he was a polite and largely pensive man who put the office before himself,” said one disgruntled Nat.

“We needed Barnaby back to get us back on the front pages. Even if it’s for, you know, reprehensible behaviour and the like. You know, just having a leader who can routinely get time on TV and get inches in newspapers is great,”

“With Michael, we were just getting nowhere. When he fired up, it was about sending mice to eat children in the city. He also hated ‘latte sippers’ despite himself drinking down milky coffees at Meccanico on Fitzmaurice like they were stubbies of Tooheys New in a Danglemah tractor shed. He tried his best and achieved a lot but we have an election to win. Which is why we put a leader back in who can get the job done,”

“So if we can forgive Barnaby, we think regional Australia should, too. Because without Barnaby leading us, we were heading for opposition and we can’t keep our donors and mortgages service with a shadow minister salary.”

The Advocate reached out to the Office of the Member for Riverina but have yet to receive a reply.

More to come.


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