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Former young woman, Beth Smith, has today begun her transition into being old by doing away with youthful social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and instead opting for LinkedIn, the online CV site that has somehow become Facebook for ageing professionals.

It’s believed Beth wasn’t even aware that she’d made LinkedIn her preferred platform, revealing to The Advocate that her use gradually increased until one day she realised she was checking it as soon as she woke up in the morning.

“I used to just check it if I was bored and had refreshed every other platform a million times”

“Now I’m addicted to it”

“It’s so weird, it’s like an episode of Black Mirror”

“No one is their true self, people comment in this weird, uplifting, professional tone that is just not who they are in real life”

“I used to do it ironically, but now it’s just normal”

“I find the way people talk on Instagram so juvenile, with all their fire emoji’s and yass [sic] queen talk,” she finished with a shiver. 

Since being founded in 2002, LinkedIn has transformed from an employment service to a full-on professional networking service.

According to a usage study, over 90% of LinkedIn users are over 30, making it the perfect platform for older people.

Before leaving the interview, Beth said that she was particularly excited about the week ahead on LinkedIn because she was about to announce her promotion. We’ll report on Beth’s traction once it is live.

More to come.


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