Local woman, Alyssa Thompson is now at the pivotal age where finds herself going to bars less and enjoying the comforts of nesting more.

It’s alleged the 27-year-old had come to the realisation one Saturday night when she found herself uncharacteristically saying no to chipping in for a bag.

As she went home at the modest of 12:30 am, Alyssa had woken to a fresh head and thoughts of linen ware, which seemed to occur out of nowhere. Soon, she found herself opening up Pinterest instead of Instagram, and suddenly enjoying the taste of red wine, which she’d hated for years.

But undoubtedly the biggest turning point was a trip to Pillow Talk, which she remembered despising as a kid. As she’d grazed her hand over towels and thumbed pot plants, Alyssa was struck with the thought that maybe, just maybe, she was finally a fully-fledged adult.

She chats with our reporter Effie, who shares a similar enthusiasm for corduroy sheets and tiny pot plants.

“I remember mum dragging through Pillow Talk and Spotlight as a kid”, says Alyssa.

“Drove me insane, especially if there was a pit stop at a furniture store.”

“Now I’m obsessed. Stumbled upon a Pottery Barn the other day and almost wet myself with happiness.”

“I’ve even started making my bed. I don’t know what’s happening to me or how I feel about it.”

“Soon I’ll be waking up early to go to markets and responsibly drinking alcohol.”

“Might start training for a triathlon, who knows.”

More to come.


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