A local woman has had to ask herself the one hard question every girl dreads – is he actually hot or does he just have really good hair?

You see, when Nessa Roberts first spied the fluffy-haired boy across the lecture hall one Monday morning, she’d immediately begun to envision a series of meet cute scenarios where she and the mystery boy would inevitably fall head over heels and embark on a torrid romance – which made for a welcome reprieve from the dull lectures from her statistics tutor.

Had she been in any other scenario, the mystery hair boy might not have even registered her interest at all. But considering she had a whole term of early Monday lectures, Tara knew she’d have to come up with some kind of coping strategy or fall into the pattern of watching lectures online. Or a one-way ticket to failure, as her mother bluntly put it.

However, this new budding romance has come with some doubt, as Nessa isn’t sure if he’s cute or if she’s simply looking for a distraction.

When explaining her new crush to a mate, Nessa finds herself scrambling for the right words to describe him and instead zeroes in on his one defining feature.

“Well…he’s quite tall.”

“Really nice hair, like, super voluminous.”

“Kind of like that guy from Stranger Things?”

“Just really thick and wavy.”

“I’m kind of jealous actually.”

It’s later revealed that Nessa got her answer a mere three weeks before the term ended, when her crush rocked up with an awful haircut that made him look like a half sucked mango.

More to come.


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