A wise man once said ‘nothing good ever happens after 2:00 am’ – and the exact same logic can be applied to a house party.

But after the lockout laws stopped local blokes Anthony Kane and Ian Ellis from continuing their fun, they’d immediately reached out to their mates to see if anyone was having kickons.

As by then, they were too over-stimulated to even think about going to bed and not in the mental state to question their life decisions.

It’s alleged the house party in Haddon street had proved a good choice, and that the shenanigans continued well into the morning.

As responsible guests eventually peeled off to go home, Anthony and Ian ended up making the final five – all of whom were not ready for the night to end.

Unfortunately, the sudden frantic scrabble to call anyone who might help their bender did not prove fruitful, which resulted in some rather glum-looking boys staring blankly at each other in the share house kitchen.

“What about Neil, surely he’s out?” asks Nathan, the hollows of his eyes becoming more pronounced in his desperation,


“Fuck nobody’s replying”

As the boys furiously texted away, the eerie silence was soon broken by the one sound every party goer fears – the distant coo of a plover bird signalling it’s time to give up and go home.

It’s alleged the group of boys had all looked at each other in defeat before unanimously shuffling their way out the door.

More to come.


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