A spokesman from one of the country’s largest hospitality groups has today confirmed that the term ‘VIP lounge’ is just an Australian term for ‘a dark air conditioned room with over twenty pokie machines that you are sometimes allowed to smoke in’.

A recent study conducted by the Licensing Inquiries and Testing For Australian Management (LitFam) ombudsman shows that tourists who are visiting Australia are often confused about what the term ‘VIP Lounge’ means when in Australian pubs.

“Tourists sometimes get confused, because when they walk into these ‘VIP Lounges’ they tend to discover that everyone in there is probably the least important people in the venue” says Byron Van Arkle, lead researcher and director of Litfam.

“It’s essentially just a pubs way of saying we can keep you hidden while you burn money on a shameful addiction”

“But that’s not to say the patrons aren’t treated like superstars. They often have a complimentary bowl of individually wrapped mentos chews. Sometimes there is even a percolated glass jug of coffee they can help themselves to”


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