Local pub musician Jeremy Coleman (38) has taken lockdown as an opportunity to continue his lifestyle of chilling at home in his tracksuits but without the personal shame of achieving nothing each day.

Earlier today, the self described virtuoso decided to set himself up for a small win by clearing out some of the clutter in his spare room and being delightfully distracted by all his classic pieces of technology that (like him) are old enough to be considered ‘retro.’ 

“Aaaah,” he sighed as the nicotine-eque rush of his Gameboy starting notes rang through his house.

“It still works. This isn’t chuck or sell, this is a certified keeper.” 

In fact, according to Coleman, the assorted boxes of childhood things he has are all worth keeping including various third place ribbons, antiquated gaming consoles and perhaps most inexplicably of all, a MiniDisc player.

First available in 1992, MiniDiscs were a magneto-optical data storing device, somewhere between a cassette and CD but with the advantage of only being able to be played on a MiniDisc player.

Billed as the next big thing in music, they were able to hold an hour to 80 minutes worth of music giving it no real advantage over a discman and looking suitably gronky next to an iPod or even a Zoon. For these reasons it was a surprise to no one when they were eventually discontinued in 2011.

To Coleman however, his MiniDisc player and limited collection of tunes has a lot of sentimental value with the added bonus of guaranteed bangers in the case of a cyber apocalypse. 

“What if Spotify went out of business tomorrow or ScoMo outlaws all music except for hymns? My Sex Mix is gonna come in handy then. Spoiler alert, it’s all Chili Peppers.” 

For some, Coleman’s disused piece of technology may be a sign of an early ripe manchild holding on to a shred of his former self but for him it is a reliable friend who will provide him with some Star Lord level playlists when the banks collapse and he has to hunt stray cats for food.


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