In a display of adorable gluttony, local bloke Creagan Luff (32) has fallen asleep at kick ons just like an adorable little baby dozing off while holding a warm bottle of milk.

Just like any cool Millenial getting about town these days, Luff has gotten hard into single-use e-cigarettes, commonly known as vapes and often used as a way to quit smoking while increasing your nicotine dependency.

Following a rowdy night of mouth and nose beers, Luff fell back with some mates to a French Quarter terrace home for some serious kick ons, unaware the sandman would be paying him a little visit sooner than he had intended.

As green corn was passed around and surface-level politics was discussed, Luff sat on the living room couch, continued to honk on his vape and drifted away on the dreamy clouds of his own vapor.

After ignoring the offers of another beer/cone, Luff’s friend were treated to the site of their adult mate sleeping while holding tight to his vape in the same way his little pudgy hands used to hold his sippy cup when he was all tuckered out.

“We didn’t wanna wake the little fella,” stated Luff’s best friend of 13 years as he drew a crude penis onto his mate’s forehead.

“Look at him holding his little vape. Oh my God, I can actually see that last puffs of carcinogenic mist coming out of his little nostrils! Somebody, please take a picture!” 


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