In a rare change of pace, local low baller Kenneth Bligh (33) has today decided to conduct himself in a respectful manner while trying to orchestrate the purchase of a used item from a stranger.

The JobKeeper’d travel agent and avid GumTree scroller says this is the first time he couldn’t bring himself to shafting a seller with his supreme haggling techniques.

A 2nd hand Yamaha GP1800R Jet Ski, which Kenneth believes he could have easily taken home for around the 18 grand mark, has instead gone for 25.

Which was its listed price.

“I had big plans to low ball him because of the scuff marks and the air pressure on the trailer tyres were pretty low”

“But I just couldn’t do it”

Kenneth is believed to have been disarmed while reading description on the item.

“Look it’s a fairly decent jetski” he said.

“Probably not worth what he’s asking for, but he made it pretty clear that he wouldn’t move”

“Plus asked for ‘no low ballers’ so politely”

“I was gonna put him through the ringer until I read that. But, you know, he obviously doesn’t want that – and I don’t want him to feel like he’s getting ripped off when he’s explicitly asked to not be ripped off”

“So I just paid the extra seven thousand and we shook hands”

“That was after it took me close to a month to pull the money in cash from the ATM without reaching the daily withdrawal limits”

“Oh yeah, he also wanted cash only”


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