Local social media over-sharer, Clare Pinnington (22) has posted an emotional tribute to her mum on several different channels this Mother’s Day.

It is believed that Clare’s write up about ‘the special woman in her life’ was so emotional and kindly-worded that many of her friends on social media initially thought that her mother had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Captioned with a 70- word paragraph that includes very strong terms of phrase such as: “My one and only” and “Love you more than anything” – the photo has since notched close to 200 ‘likes’ across both Facebook and Instagram.

Unfortunately, Clare’s mum Janet will never know this, because Clare has still yet to accept her requests to connect on social media.

“She’s just so nosey!” says Clare, who has left her mum’s friend request in the backlogs for two years now.

“She can’t be trusted with all the stuff she sees on there. I fucking hate how snoopy she is”

“She needs to get a life”

“I hate her!”



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